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Imagine the People of God!

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The new collection of songs about love, reconciliation, and justice, set to be released in September, is a culmination of compositions and collaborations by Mark Miller over the last two years.
He has once again worked with his closest collaborator Laurie Zelman to produce
two tracks of incredible depth and meaning, “Even Here” and “I Won’t Let Go”.
But this time Mark has also put ‘pen to paper’ and written the lyrics for
the songs ‘I Dream of a Church’, ‘Quilt of Love’, ‘A Good Work’, ‘Imagine the People of God’ and “The Journey Isn’t Over”.

The album was recorded live at Yale University in New Haven, Connecticut, with the help of the incredible musicians Julian Wamble, Cassondra Kellam, Lydia Munoz, Hallie Isquith, Sam Dedian, Marcus Johnson, and Calvin Sellers.

Mark believes this is his best recording to date and is thrilled to offer accompaniment tracks along with the full CD recording.

1. I Dream of a church
2. Quilt of Love
3. Even Here
4. A Good Work
5. The Journey Isn’t Over
6. I Believe
7. Imagine the People of God
8. I Won’t Let Go
9. Give Me Jesus
10. Creation of Peace
11. Heal Us, Emmanuel
12. We abide

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